Tips on Buying a Hosting Company

Back in the early days of the internet, you can only find a handful of web hosting companies and they are very expensive. But today, you can find thousands of hosting companies offering their services to anyone who wishes to create their own website for whatever purpose they want. That’s where choosing a hosting company can be a difficult endeavor.

To make things easier for you here are some of the tips for buying a hosting company.

Consider the Type of Hosting Packages

Usually, there are three different types of hosting plans that you can choose nowadays. They are shared, VPS and dedicated. Let’s have a brief discussion about these three different hosing package to give you a decent idea about what to choose or not.

  • Shared hosting – this is the cheapest type of web hosting plan that you can get. This is perfect for small websites with less traffic and doesn’t serve a lot of dynamic content and pages.
  • VPS – acronym for virtual private servers, this is considered as the middle tiered plan suited for those looking for a better control, more flexibility and more power. This is best suited for websites with moderate amount of traffic and serves mostly dynamic content. This is perfect for small business websites with several hundreds to thousands of visits a day.
  • Dedicated – this type of hosting package offers the highest amount of control, flexibility and power and is a perfect match looking for a power house hosting package that will allow them to handle hundreds of thousands of traffic and process the most demanding of tasks. Perfectly suited for e-commerce websites, large forums, image boards, social networks and other demanding web apps and service.

Customer Support

All webmasters, beginners and professionals alike will benefit from a reliable customer support. Your website will likely experience some kind of trouble in the future and having a customer support to help you during that time can be of valuable help. This can help you minimize and potential damage to your business.

Check Customer Reviews

Hearing the opinion of another about a product or a service is an invaluable piece of information when looking to buy something. If a particular webhost has a bad reputation, then you know that you have to stay away from them. However, relying solely from a few written reviews can be misleading as they can be fabricated by the hosting company. Always try to find multiple reviews from past and present customers to get a better assessment of the hosting company’s performance.

Bandwidth and Storage Support

There are many hosting companies that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, especially on their shared hosting plan. Those aren’t actually unlimited as your website will encounter internal error 500 or resource limit reached when you reach the unspoken “soft limit”. Once you started frequently experiencing this sort of error, then it’s time to consider upgrading your hosting package to either VPS or dedicated servers. Unlike shared plans, you have more control and flexibility over these type of hosting package – and you see exactly how much storage and bandwidth you can consume.

Those are just some of the tips that can help you choose the best hosting company for your needs.